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photo of Julia Foley
Julia Foley-Licensed Celebrant/Officiant

It all began at the age of 5. My parents moved us to a farm in the little village of Balderson, Ontario. My mother decided to operate a B&B on the family farm. During the summer months my brother and I would render our rooms to those guests visiting us on the farm. We had cattle, horses, chickens, geese, goats and rabbits. My father operated an apery and a maple syrup production at the back of the farm and a two acre vegetable garden right next to the house. Pops and I would travel to Ottawa & Kingston on the weekends to sell the produce from the farm.

When I was about 12 or 13 I began guiding the horseback trail rides at the farm. Guests would come from around the world, from as far as Costa Rica and Germany. They would stay with us for a weekend or a week at a time. They could take part in the daily or seasonal chores, such as hay making or pickling. Our family ran this vacation farm for 25 years!

My father also operated a seasonal income tax business. Again all the family would pitch in at this time of the year as things on the farm were a little quieter. From this, I gained business + accounting experience.

Both of these businesses provided me with much of the knowledge I have today.
In 1998, I graduated from the Loyalist College Hotel & Restaurant Management Program.
LOVE- Local Ottawa Valley Events was born on December 1, 2015, it seemed natural to open my own family business. I am so excited for this new endeavour. I have many partners in the industry. My particular oft spot is weddings, I LOVE weddings.  I can create that fairtale that couples are dreaming of, ensuring plenty of breathtaking moments that last a lifetime.  You’ll be pleased you let LOVE and it’s partners host your event.
I have taken part in planning over 400 weddings and 100 events.
Let LOVE create your event through your vision.

Wedding Industry Experts 2015 Member